Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

An independent, multidisciplinary, comprehensive resource for health professionals caring for critically ill and injured infants and children. This site contains educational material, such as an emerging multimedia “textbook” of pediatric critical care and a complete syllabus for rotating residents, as well practical resouces such as job and fellowship opportunities and software pertinent to this specialty. Detailed information regarding the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Section on Critical Care, the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s Pediatric Section and the annual Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium is also here. Of unique interest is the PedsCCM Evidence-Based Medicine Journal Club, where peer reviewed structured critiques of pertinent clinical research papers can be found.

Society of Critical Care Medicine

The website of the premiere multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the support of critical care. This resource includes information about the SCCM and its educational, scientific and advocacy programs.

American Thoracic Society

This is the web site for the most prominent scientific organization associated with critical care. In addition to complete information about the ATS, this site provides direct links to the prestigious journals; American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine and American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.

British Medical Journal Critical Care Collection

An excellent collection of full-text articles from recent years published in the British Medical Journal. This collection includes many seminal clinical trials in critical care medicine, as well as excellent educational reviews.